Explanation of the tourist attraction for the map

‘Anime Pilgrimages

‚`1.Yanagimori Shrine & Akiba Shrine, featured scenes from this Anime took place here : Steins;Gate by Nitro+ ‚`2.Manseibashi bridge , Scenes can be found in Asakusa, Akihabara and in Ueno : Joshiraku ‚`3.Kandamyojin Shrine, Tojo Nozomi worked here as a shrine maiden : Love Live!? School Idol Project ‚`4.Sogakudo cancert hall, A scene took place here : Puella Mag,Madoka Magika by Nitro+ ‚`5.Ueno Public Employment Security Office, The place where they were looking for a job: Osomatsu san ‚`6.Railway bridge in Yanaka , Where the main character crossed : Honey and Clover ‚`7.Kaminarimon, Sensoji,Many scenes in Asakusa during the Taisho- Era: Sakura Wars ‚`8.Hanayashiki Amusement Park, featured when the girls went with theirgrandfather : March comes in like a lion

‘Secret spots
šImado Shrine :The place of the origin of Maneki Neko, Lucky Cat šAkiba Shrine :The origin of the name, relocated from Akihabara šNezu Shrine :Original shrine built in 1706, not reconstructed

‘Energy Vortex,the places that give you special energy!
š1 Ueno Hanazono Shrine : Strong power at the statue of fox
Ana Inari : The god of marriage
š2 Ueno Daibutsu : The place to pray, wish or hope for the entrance examination. š3 Marishiten Shrine : The power source to endure strength and energy.

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